Filing an Auto Insurance Claim after an Accident

We know the saying - accidents happen. You never know when they will occur, but it's good to be prepared and know what to do after one happens.

What to Do After an Accident

Let's assume you've been in an accident. You should take the following steps:

First, make sure everyone is ok and call 911 for police and medical assistance. If there is an injury, make sure to get medical attention even if it isn't life-threatening.

Also, a police report can help resolve your auto insurance claim, so make sure to get it no matter what.

Next, if vehicles are movable and there is a shoulder on the road, try to move them there.

Finally, gather license plate numbers, contact information (don't forget phone numbers), auto insurance information, and if possible, take photographs of damages at the scene of the accident. If road conditions or weather were a factor, then try to capture that with a photograph.

Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

Now it's time to navigate the process of filing an auto claim. You should notify your insurance company that the accident has occurred as soon as possible. At 21st Century Insurance, you can do this online or over the phone through the HelpPoint Claim Services by Farmers.

Here are some important steps to remember when filing an auto insurance claim:

Report your claim to HelpPoint Claim Services immediately. You will be assigned an auto insurance claims representative who will help you.

If you have rental car coverage, your claims representative will assist in making arrangements for a rental vehicle.

A vehicle inspection will then occur, at which time an appraiser will write an estimate of damages.

If another vehicle was involved, an investigation will also be conducted. This is where your police report comes in; to help inform investigators to determine what really happened.

By being prepared before an accident, knowing what to do on the scene, and filing an auto insurance claim immediately after an incident, you will stand the best chance of a satisfying claims experience.

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